How do I create a tube and control the radius of a cylinder or tube?

Sorry. I’m sure this is answered somewhere in the forums, but I didn’t find anything.

I’m new to blender and I’m trying to create a simple tube. I found this:

But being a newb, I can’t locate those parameters to turn off the end caps. It would also be nice to control the radius at creation, too.

Also, when I finally get a tube, will I be able to control the thickness of the walls of the tube?

In 2.5 and 2.6 the location of those parameters have changed in comparison to 2.49 (screenshots from the page you found).
When you add a new mesh, those settings will appear in the panel that is left of your screen, in the bottom.

That’s very impractical unless you have a very big monitor as else you’ll need to scroll a lot, but fortunately as an alternative you can press F6 after adding a mesh and it will popup a window containing the settings and more easily accessible.

When adding a cylinder, you don’t have a setting to give it thickness.
To do so, after adding a cylinder, press F6 and disable “Cap Ends”.
Then add a “Solidify” modifier, that will add thickness to that hollow cylinder that you will be able to control.

The F6 trick works. Thank you.

I can’t find a way to change cylinders - de-cap them - I’ve already created. I’m looking under Object Tools and I’m in Object Mode. Is that the wrong place?

Also, where’s the Solidify mod?

Thanks, much.

Unfortunately, if you make any actions after adding a mesh (out of rotating the view), the mesh own settings panel will then become unavailable.
For the modifiers, they’re available there :

Select the model on which you want to add a modifier before.

Awesome!! Thanks so much, Sanctuary. Exactly what I need to know.

Little surprised about the mesh settings going away, particularly since coming from the CAD world I used tubes much more than cylinders. But now that I know to watch for that, I’ll be fine.

Thanks, again.