How Do I Create a Window in Cycles?

I’ve been trying to render a window in Cycles, but every time I add the glass, it doesn’t look right. When I add a plane with a solidify modifier, the light doesn’t pass through it. And when I take away the solidify modifier, it’s almost the same result but with a ton of little fireflies. Can anyone help by suggesting a material/model setup for a glass window? Thanks!

By default, you would at the least need to have caustics enabled for light going through glass, but there are numerous cases in Cycles where having just that isn’t enough.

What needs to be done then is a lightpath trick that utilizes the transparent material as well, so it would make it somewhat similar to the architectural glass in engines like Luxrender in terms of light coming through, but is different in that you will still be able to see refractions. The method that I mentioned can be found here.

Wow; thanks for the fast response! I’ll try it out :smiley:

That worked great! Thanks again! One last question; is there a way that I can increase the visibility of the reflections?

I don’t like transparent for glass, maybe try translucent. Transparent is invisible. I use it to create holes for simple wire mesh affects in planes that don’t need lots of details.

You could also mix it with a glossy node and have the glossy only add a little; you can then tweak the mix amount until you get the strength you are looking for in your reflections.