How do I delete all material slots?????

Hello people, ive been creating logos for a band im in using blender(of course!!!), Im quite handy at navigating the 2.5 interface (its pretty deadly:-) , but somehow i managed to add about a million material slots on a mesh and id like to delete them all at once. I seriously dont know how i did it.
Is there a way of duplicating the mesh without duplicating all the materials and other data along with it??? that would be a much easier way of resetting it.

any help would be much appreciated:-) and if i can provide anymore information to a willing helper, i will. maybe screenshots of what i mean?


I didn’t find an option for deleting all materials at once, or even to select all materials and delete all. Appears to me you have to go one by one. Tedious process and time consuming. Using SHIFT+D or ALT+D to duplicate seems to maintaine all attributes of the original object.

Thanks for the reply!!! well at least ive learnt some new hotkeys!!!:wink: