How do I delete Materials?

How do I delete materials???

all materials without “users” (that is, arent assigned to any objects) automatically get deleted when you re-load the blend.

so, if you want to delete a material, just remove it from all of your objects (so, when you look at the material popup selector the material name has a 0 nexto to it), save your .blend and reopen it. the unused materials should be deleted

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so blender’s material system makes me want to cry…all the time. I’m trying to get rid of a material by removing it from all materials. Blender tells me that there are two users, but I can’t figure out where they are. Is there a way for blender to tell me exactly what meshes are using a particular material?

Create an outliner window and choose view oops schematic. You can see all data relationships from that view.

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Hats off, Atom. Thanks a lot.

So now, I’m looking at the oops window, and one of the materials appears to have no users, but it won’t go away. I’ve pressed all the buttons to make sure that all relationship lines appear, but no dice. Also, if I link that material to another object, it tells me that it has two users (the object I just linked plus one that I don’t know and can’t see in the oops). So it makes sense that it won’t disappear if it thinks theres a second user, but I can’t figure out what it is.

Did you give the material a Fake user? That is, in the material buttons, is the F button (the last button on the material datablock) enabled?

No, I made sure of that. In fact, if you press the “F”, then the number of users goes from 2 to 3 so I know what that’s doing.

I have the same problem with images in my Uv image editor I load up at least 40 images when only around 3-5 are being used in the current scene. I have like 200 materials and like 40 that are doubled or tripled up in the data browser - I have tried a few things to get rid of the duplicates but nothing works.

Warring: This will permanently remove all unwanted materials.
If you have got lot of materials in the list and you dont want to use some and permanently want to get rid of them. Follow these steps in Blender 2.82