How do I detect a modifier with a specific name and type to disable a row.operator?

How do I detect the presence of specific modifier of a specific name and type and use this to create an if/else statement to disable a row.operator(Button) in my custom panel ?

import bpy

for i in bpy.context.object.modifiers:
    if i.type =='SUBSURF' and == 'Subsurf':

That’s what you want.

If you want to be pythonic:

    if 'Subsurf' in and i.type == 'SUBSURF':
        row.enabled = False

You can also save UI elements into a variable before hand.

    slots = [None] * 12
    for i in slots:
        slots[i] = row.operator(??)

    slots[n].enabled = False
    del slots  # don't have to