How do I do Anistropic shading?

So how do you do anistropic shading in 2.40?

also there has to be significant speedup with ztransp rendering and anisotropic shading is also planned.

From here:

Then an update:

UPDATE: now anisotropic (tangent) shading has been implemented:

So, if you have the very latest CVS, it’s just a matter of using a Tangent Shader.


I don’t know, I just made a brand new build (05-10-18 06:00am mdt %| ) and I don’t see tangent or anisotropic either. Maybe there’s a switch to turn the feature on somewhere? Didn’t see anything in the commit logs.

I tried adding a radial blend material, mapped to strand, on the eighth channel. But the shader drop downs, either diffuse or specular, didn’t show a Tangent or an Anistropic. Nice feature though. Like to find that. :slight_smile:

how can we do an anistropic shader?