How do I do hair and eyes?

Hello, Blender Artists,
I’m currently making a small PC game called Albis. I’ve started working on the model and I’ve gotten the base model done, but what’s concerning me is the hair. I don’t know how I should go about this situation because I’ve never worked with hair before. My other issue is fixing the eyes. I realized that the model I have has smaller eyes than the one in the reference picture, but every time I try to fix it, the vertices become clogged up and it messes up the model. I’ve attached the reference picture and the blend file I’m working with. If you want to go ahead and make changes to it, then I’d be happy to give you some of the earnings that I’ll make from this project, but I still would like to learn how to do it.

Thank you,


BaseAlbis.blend (2.19 MB)

I figured I’d give it a shot seeing as no one else has replied.

For the hair, you either have to just model it as a solid block as you so far have done so(providing it suits the art style) or you have to have a base something like what you already have (or just a bald head and texture it with hair) then add a large number of planes which have semi transparent hair textures mapped onto them.

Judging from the above picture I’d go with the solid block. Yeah it’s a pain to model.

For the eyes… It’s kinda difficult. Your model is pretty nice but it’s quite far from the concept. The picture has a tiny tiny nose and a pretty large face. You’ve modelled a smaller face and a larger nose so there is very little room. You can make the eyes bigger easily by using turning proportional editing on, grabbing a vertex near the center of the eye (and edges too) and scaling. Also grabbing edges and dragging. With the editing it’ll move those around it so it doesn’t become a giant mess. I had a go at this and I did get the eyes bigger:

I also later dragged the eyebrow arch around to make it flatter and so less sinister looking lol.

The problem I encountered though as I tried to make it even bigger than above is
a)running out of room
b)not enough vertices in the eye loops

Since the eyes are so big and such a massive part of this face you’d want the loops to have more parts. So it kinda becomes a pretty big reconstruction job.

I recommend you just cut a bunch of the faces out of the face, make the eyes separate and try to join them.

Thank you, I really appreciate your help