how do i do spaceship hull panelling?

Hi i guys. A noob asking a question to you all. How can i do hull panelling in blender. I tried loop cut methods but its taking too much time and draining my interest in making a sci fi scene, so i left it.
But today i am again interested in scifi.
So i am asking how do i do hull panelling in like this :


If you do a search on the forums you should find a couple of examples, also do a search on youtube, there are a few useful tutorials there. You can use either the approach of selecting bits of existing geometry and extruding / bevelling them, assuming your poly flow caters for it. Or copy the geometry, use knife to get the cuts where you want and extrude the bits then, you won’t need to make it all one mesh unless you want it to be smooth and seamless.
I’ve attached a small blend file, starting with a simple cylinder, I add some geoemtry usign a subdivide and loop cuts. Then I select some polys, inset them, then extrude. I then bevel edges, set the auto-smooth on in the data tab with an angle of 30 - 60. I also add sharp edges by selecting them and using Shift+E in edit mode so smoothing only takes place whre I want it to.
Check each layer 2 - 5 to see the progress, hopefull it will give you some ideas. :slight_smile:

This is also good example

What is the difference between creased and sharp edge ?

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