How do I drape this green canvas over this tube support structure?

How do I drape this green canvas fabric over this metal tube support structure?

Can I hook the fabric to the sides of the tube structure so that it doesn’t fall through?

Are you going to make a cloth simulation? I am not sure what you want to achieve but I think it’s that.

Well, you need to pin your fabric in the points where it should be fixed and then run the cloth simulation having the structure as a collision object.

For that, you select all the vertices that are supposed to be fixed and create a vertex group for them assigning the weight of 1.

After that, in the cloth physics tab, you select your pin vertex group under “shape”:
Adjust the collision properties and run the simulation by pressing play in the timeline.

You must have enough geometry to make the simulation and be careful about the collision distance and self-collision distance as well.

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