how do i draw lines in blender

hi , in 3d max there is this function where u can draw lines , if u click on one place and then click in another it makes a straight line , then if u click and drag u make a curve .

im doing some tutorials , and now im learning the spin (lathe ) tool , and in the tutorial it says : create a shape for a glass , but in the previous chapters they havent talked about drawing lines , so i dont know how to.

i’ve tried nurbs , and bezier curvs, but they are only curves , i also want straight lines.


Add a Plane (mesh), delete 3 verts, select the remaining one and Ctrl-LMB. Same for Curves.


You can have straight lines with curves. Select the control point or a handle and press V for straight lines.

ok .but , is isnt it a bit tedieus to draw ?

in 3dmax , is click for a straight line and ckick and draw for a bezier curve.

this way every time i want to draw a straight line with a curve i have to set it straight , .

is there any tutorial on drawing shapes ?

thanx ;D

Take 1 vert. Select it with Right mouse button. Hold the control key. Click somewheres else. There’s your line. Repeat.

You can simply ctrl+click the control points where you want them and once done, select all of those you want to make straight and press V. You can go back to curvy curves by pressing H once or twice.

and the tutorial:ézier

While still under development, blender’s wiki manual is already useful so don’t hesitate to use it :wink:

Sorry…but it makes my laugh when people say ‘in 3d max, it does it like this…’

its NOT 3dmax ITS blender… its like saying my microwave doesnt work like my oven, they both cook food, u just have to learn again how. People dont feel you have to justify blender in the face of 3dmax… I have both and I think 3dmax sucks!!! Its a preference thing I know but I dont think that blender is 3dmaxs poor relative or something!!

Sorry for off-topic ranting but…y’know…:stuck_out_tongue:

No one except the original poster has mentioned 3dmax. giorgio martini, you need to learn the interface before you jump in to intermediate projects. I know there’s a big temptation to skip the beginner stuff since you already know how to model using another package, but every package has its own way of doing things.

You’re absolutely right, but what you don’t know is that you don’t have to start with curves and force them into straight lines. You can just draw straight lines to begin with. Intermediate tutorials assume you already know that and won’t bother to tell you again, at the risk of alienating their intermediate Blender readers.

If you are just beginning to use Blender, you are a Blender beginner, no matter how well you can model using some other software. So, swallow some of that pride, and go back to the beginner tutorials. Breeze through them (and you will, since you do know how to model) and you’ll be intermediate and then advanced in no time. And you’ll discover why partisans such as denshidan are so fanatical in their “preference” for Blender.

allright alright , no problem , relax ,


i didnt mean to hurt anyones feelings , ive been doing the manual from the start , i havent jumped any chapter , thats why i asked here how to do it ,

swalow some of that pride …?¿

wow .

peace man.

thanx for the critics.

Well, you’re probably going to have to get used to folk doing it.

That’s good feedback. Apparently ‘the manual’ needs some work if you’ve gotten to rotating bezier curves without learning how to do simple lines. Which manual are you using (there are several)? Post some links, if you would. Maybe the maintainer can fix it so the next guy doesn’t wind up in the same situation.

the only problem about usin ctrl click is that after you have 2 or more points you may get an edge which has a wrong angle, but you could always extrude the vertice and press x,y,z depending on the direction you want it to go.

There is still no obvious way for a beginner to draw a simple line in Blender. That is bad. Try searching youtube for “how draw line blender” and good luck finding a video that shows a beginner how to draw a line, which ought to be the most basic and simple elemental operation you could do. Try the experiment? Go to Youtube and search the most basic words “how draw line blender” and see if there is anything. also go to Google, which has billions of pages crawled and repeat the search terms there. You end up with this page, which offers a convoluted way “create a plane and remove 3 verts” that’s absurd, how can someone remember that who doesn’t use Blender every day? This must be addressed so I am addressing it. Drawing a line is the most primitive of actions that can be done by the act of drawing. it is the definition of drawing itself. what is the mindset of blender? I see plenty of drawings, lots of drawing done in Blender, now why does it take so many esoteric steps to create a line?