How do I export Sound Files?

Okay so I downloaded this .blend, thinking it wouldn’t have sound right?

WRONG! Has nice good quality sound (Gun shot/reload…) And now I want to put that sound in my game (Yes I’ll give credit to whoever made the .blend… But I don’t remember who or where I got it from…So as it goes I’m going to name him EPICDUDE…)

So I thought I could append/link it into my game… FAIL, sound name is in the sound tab but the sound it self is not there… So how do I export sound? (Export then save to hard drive)

And as for you guys that want the .blend here: Reload_LogicBriks.blend (683 KB)

File—external data—unpack—write files to local folder


simply uncompress the .blend (they are .GZ files)

Oh wow that was easy…THANK ALOT MAN!!!

It is a very bad idea to use assets from a file that you cannot explain the origin.
But as long as you don’t try sell it or anything.

It is still best to check with the original author.