How do I "extrude an S bend"?

Hi everyone, this is my first post, so be kind if this question is way too noobish. LOL.

Not sure what the technical term for it is…

Anyway, I’m working on a racing game and I’ve had to teach myself Blender. Oddly enough, one of the simplest issues is giving me grief…

On my road tracks, I want to be able to make the edges wider for adding kerbs, grass areas etc.

So how do I take all the verts along the side of the road and extrude them so that they follow the road and don’t all follow one axis? As you can imagine, manipulating them one by one around corners takes a lot of time!

Is this possible?

Select track faces and I inset them (provided that they all are quads). Scale all up a bit after.

I need to do it with the edges to create new quads. I worked out that I can extrude upwards and hit alt s and it scales it properly, so all sorted. Thanks though!

The Edge Offset AddOn does that.

There is method to scale normal for irregular face; Alt + S. You do need to have face for this method to work so you need to add some thickness to the road face. Select the side faces, extrude it “E”zero distance, then scale outer face Alt + S. Clean it up by removing geometry not needed, the thickness.

Thanks but my road is made from flat quads. It works by just extruding the edges upwards then hitting alt/s and manipulating from there. Saved me a heap of time :slight_smile:

Alt + S from edge extrusion, ya it works. Cool.