How do I find out where a vertice is?

I’m building a railway coach so I’ve made one window section plane with cut out for the window then copied it. I’ve also resized it and made it into a door which will be animated.

The coach will eventually be exported to Trainz a railway simulator.

w w d w d etc.

For the coach to appear directly the edge of the window must not overlap with the door nor must there be a gap. If I could see the absolute address of the vertices on each edge this would be easy but the copies seem to show a relative address on the vertices. Each left hand edge displays exactly the same value on all windows.

Once the door / window planes are in the correct place and the correct size I’ll make them solid.

Thanks John

Umm, you are looking for the Transform Properties panel? Hotkey - N

Thanks whilst setting up a demo to describe the problem to you I found the solution.

I have the transform properties panel open and that what gives me the same value on each right hand edge vertice of the copies so it seems to be giving me a relative address I’m after an absolute address so I can position two planes next to each other but not overlapping and without a gap.

If I create two separate planes thenI get exactly the same effect until I click on Global rather than Local.

Cheerio John