How do I fix blurry video edges in eevee render?

I am trying to make a video from the perspective of a phone camera pointed at a mirror. Since it’s Eevee, I had to use a glossy bsdf and a reflection plane to create a mirror effect. I opened a completely new blender file, created another Eevee mirror, recorded a video, and it wasn’t doing this annoying blur effect. It’s like a vignette over any part that shows the mirror. It’s JUST on any part that shows that mirror. Not any other part of the video. Here’s the drive link with the test video labeled test ggx, the attempted render that I recorded, and the example of my attempted video with only some of the mirror featured in it so you can see the blur difference better.

test ggx.mkv (653.0 KB)
example video.mkv (931.4 KB)
Attempted render.mkv (3.0 MB)

hard to tell w/o seeing the scene. do you have half-res trace on?

Yes i do. I turned it off and tried to render it and its still doing the vignette.

do you have depth of field on? I’m not seeing a vignette effect (edges of camera). Do you mean things get blurrier the further away they are? its hard to tell from your examples

No i dont have depth of field on and i just screenshoted both videos and cropped the edges so you can see the dark vignette blur I’m talking about. Check the drive folder.

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To hopefully make it easier for you to get answers here, I’ve added the images and videos from your drive folder to your original post. I also upgraded your account level so you can edit your post and re-order those or add context to them if needed

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My original post got updated and the pics are right there now.

this is an artifact caused by screen space reflections. try reducing edge fading:

also try enabling overscan:

note that overscan doesn’t work in viewport, it will only show up in final rendering


Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! I downloaded this bathroom from someone else and i had no idea they goofed with the settings that much. You’re a lifesaver.

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