How do i fix this texture problem

how do fix the issue shown in the image

Looks like it’s not been unwrapped properly.

well how would i unwrap it properly

It depends, is this a flat surface? If so its just Edit Mode>>Select All>>U>>Unwrap

You can split the viewport and open up UV editor to see the unwrapped object and the texture.

its a flat surface with a pbr setup

i did what you said and its still the same

Can you show a screenshot in UV Editor? Have you tried removing doubles and recalculating normals?

i havent tried them but ill do it now

Go into edit mode and select all so that we can see the UV mapping.

Not sure what your node setup is, but you could use cubic projection for this. As it stands, your UV map appears to have all of the polygons stacked on top of one another, and it doesn’t appear that you have seams defined for the object’s unwrap. You could also study how to proceduraly texture your objects.

Yeah, definitely box image projection (builtin), triplanar mapping (download), or procedural.
You can also separate method by geometry/normal/separatexyz->math(abs) ; that allows you do handle top and bottom differently from the side setups.

The geo is nasty, and I would clean it up prior to making any UV layouts for it. Select a top and bottom face, the Shift-G -> coplanar, then maybe temporarily separate to own object?

Is it for animation? Will it animate? And if so, will it change shape?