How Do I Flip My Finished Eyeball to the Other Eye?

Hey everyone, I just finished creating an eyeball with procedural textures fully rigged and everything, and I’m trying to duplicate it on the opposite eye and I’ve had a frustrating time and it’s not working at all. I tried duplicating the left eyeball, selecting the eye then pressing R for rotate, S for scale, X for x Axis and negative 1 and enter, and the eyeball ended up exactly in the right eye in the correct position, but it’s parented to the left eye. When I try to unparent the right eye and parent it to the right eye bone, the eyeball jumps really high up above the character! I tried to manually put it in its socket, and eventually, I got it to work, but then when I apply the rotation, location and scale, the eyeball turns around 180 degrees and the procedural texture is backwards on the eyeball. Is this supposed to be this complicating? Is there an easy way to transfer the eyeball to the other side without all these problems? Thanks in advance.

One way is to add a mirror modifier, apply it, select the new eye mesh, p, by selection, that makes it a separate object,. Now all you have to do is change the origin to che center if the new eye object, that can actually be a pain in the ass, it depends some on the geometry , specifically ifbitsva perfect sphere, or if one of the loops has its center at the eyeball center. The other way to move the origin is to move and empty to the first origin, then change the x value to negative, move the 3d cursorbto the empty and then origin to 3d curdon, Easy!!

That was pretty much it! I ended up duplicating the eyeball, unparented it with alt+p and kept the transformation, then scaled -1 on the x axis, flipped the normals, applied location rotation and scale, reparented it with empty groups, assigned the eye.r bone full influence to the right eye ball, cleaned up the vertex groups and removed everything except the eye.r bone, renamed its materials, and now it finally works. It’s a longer process than I thought but still easier than creating the eyeball again haha Thanks again!