how do i get blender animations out of blender???

how do i get blender animations out of blender? i found the button in the file menu that says ‘save runtime’ and that seems to save the renered animation as a blenderplayer file. but when i open it, it only shows one frame instead of the animation. on one such file the color was kinda funny and so was the resolution of the image. is there a fairly easy way to view an animation without opening the file in blender and rendering it all over again? can i render just part of an animation at a time so the computer’s not busy for hours at a time? how do you get an animation into a quicktime, windows media player, or realtime video file? or burn it to a dvd or something? or can i burn a dvd directly from blenderplayer? thanks!

get this really nice BlenderBasics2.4

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In the scene menu(F10) find a button called “crop” Then right next to it will be a drop up menu, select AVI jpeg. Then render the animation. It should show up in a folder called tmp in My computer(that’s if your using windows)

great! thanks!

try using the animation forum:cool: