How do I get double transparency in Eevee?

I’d like to make water half transparent via SSR settings, however, it doesn’t work when it’s inside another half transparent object.

(First: no SSR toggled for water)


Not possible with SSR. You can use SSR on only an object.

That’s a shame

Not shame, this is limitation of the realtime render engines.

That’s a shame for me, because I need a 2D-style render

Maybe this will help to achieve the effect that you want (shameless self promotion😅):

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you can fake it with a combination of alpha and transmission.

fake_liquide.blend (973.5 KB)

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I was thinking about playing with alpha too

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tick solution if you think this is one for you…

I’ll test the result when I’m home

fake_liquide.blend (2.8 MB)

CG Vertex made a glass shader for eevee which lets you see through multiple glass objects and much more.
Download the nodes: