How do I get my Blender file from a .blend file to a .png or a .JPEG file?

It is for a Power Point. Also it is not an animation but a still object.

Several ways, depending on what goes for presentation and what renderer used:

Picture showing 3d view - button(s) on right side of icons menu - photo camera; allows to save screenshot, any format .png or jpg.
Final product - Blender render : press F12, wait, when ready press Image - Save As Image on window where picture is
Final product Cycles render: On render panel - set passes as needed ( 0 is infinite, don;t do that :)), hit F12, save image

  • for F12 way - on Render panel set dimensions of the picture, on panel’s bottom part -desired output format and folder; It’ll be there…
    Smaller version of Cycles render in a window - use external screen capture program.