How do I get Text string from Fluid Path text box?

Hi. I am trying to get the Path text string from the Fluid->Domain->Path texbox.

I have searched the manual, python blender manual, forums, etc. but have not found any information on how to use python scripting to get the value from these GUI items.

Any help would be most appreciated.



I don’t think we have a scripting API to the fluid simulator yet.


Thanks jesterking.
What I mean is this:

As an example, if I click on the Scene button, I am presented with a set of panels:

Output, Render, Anim, Format.

The Output panel has two textboxes:
The top one is for the directory/Name to save Animation
The bottom one is for the image name to select as the background image.

What I am trying to do is, get the name of the textbox, read its contents, and write those contents to a file.

I am not sure how to determine the names of the interface items, nor how to access their data. That’s the first step.

The Fluid Sim panel has a similar textbox for the directory in which the bobj files will be written.

Is it possible to access the standard interface items with python scripting? I thought it would be, but I can’t find any functions described in the blender python API.



As said, we don’t have a scripting API to fluids, which would mean giving access to the fluid sim save directory.

For rendering settings you can get already lots of info through the RenderData class.

We don’t have an API in which you think in terms of GUI per se, but you’ll have to think of the data behind the GUI and use the appropriate modules instead.


Ok. Thanks again jesterKing.
It was worth a shot.
Basically, I wrote a python script which gets the translation and scale of the Fluid Domain object, and writes it to a filename of the user’s choice. I was hoping to be able to automatically grab the fluid sim directory, rather than have the user either type that in, or navigate to that directory. But that’s ok; it’s just an extra step or two for the user.

The reason I need the translation and scale of the Fluid Domain object is because, the raw mesh data in the bobj.gz files appears to be ‘normalized’. If I load them directly into blender, they are much smaller and closer to the origin than those seen during the simulation and animation playback. But if I scale and translation them using the Fluid Domain scale and translation values, they are the correct size and location.