How do i get this chrome look ?

Hi , i want to do a logo that has this shinyness of the chrome logo

But , if i use ray mirror , i dont get any of those nice white specular “reflections” and also my material gets very whitie.

What do you reccomend ?

to get reflection in object you needs things other objects around it to give something to reflect !

and checkout the glass and reflection in wiki it should give some dieas on how to do it !


Check out some tutorials on studio rendering.
Try a dark background and put in some white planes for it to reflect, with maybe a little emit on them.

cool i’ll try that, any other ideas ?

For a quick fix, simply add an image to your material and map it to the reflection chanel of the object.

Also, don’t run RayMirror at 1.0, set it kind of low at 0.2.

What do you reccomend ?

Logo you show, looked like drawn in 2d vector editor not a 3d render. So if you want similar result and best control other reflection just draw it in inkscape, for example.

You can find a set of public domain high rez HDRI studio light images here

Its been a while since these were posted so Im not sure if the Rapidshare hosting that the original artist set up is still good. If not, you can download the file in torrent form here

Pick one you like from the set and set it as a texture in the world button tab. Be sure to turn on map to horizon and set some ray mirror value on your material :cool: