how do i have different textures on different faces on one object?

ok, so i’m trying to add textures to a single object, but when ever i add a texture, it changes the entire object to that texture… how do i apply a texture to faces that i have selected and not change the rest of the object? is there a way to can make what i have selected an object, change it’s texture and then ‘parent’ it back to the original object? i tried uv mapping but i can’t get it to work. i select all faces, mark seems and unwrap in the uv/image editor and nothing happens.

The easiest would be to create multiple materials on your one object, and then apply different textures to the individual materials.

In the editing panel (F9), just select the vertexes you want to be a new material, hit the new button on the Links and Materials tab, and then click assign. There you go.

i’ve tried doing that and it’s not working out correctly, keeps changing the whole object… very frustrating.

here is what i’ve tried:

i’ve selected the object and under shading (F5), links and properties, added a new material (pic1)

i then change the color, which of course changes the object, i expect that. (pic2)

i then repeat those steps so that i have 3 total materials (pic3)

i select the faces that i want to change (pic4)

but when i switch to edit mode and try to select one of the materials i just made, there is no way for me to choose . (pic 4 black box)

what am i doing wrong?


you’re not not doing it right.

here is how you do material indices:

One workaround for this also is to select the faces you want to texture the same, in edit mode press p, separate selected, then in object mode add your texture to your new object.
Repeat this process for any other textures you want. Once finished rejoin all the objects & they will keep their assigned textures. Careful not to change a texture after rejoining as you will change the entire mesh then have to start again.
or you could uv map.

Separate the mesh is the best solution altough it may breach the continuum of the texture.I’ve been using blender for a year and i still face the same problem.Assigning material on a mesh or applying multiple textures on one object with blender is really a torture.