How do I hide objects

I have several objects in my scene and I want to edit the mesh of one of the objects. Is there a ay to hide the other objects in the scene? I’ve been trying differnt ways but to no avail. Intuitively, I thought I could do tha in the outliner view.

Yes, you can use the outliner, click on the “eye” icon to change the visibility. But (I don’t think) there’s a way to select many objects and click only the first eye icon of the selected object and affect them all.

You could always use the layers system, have one layer as an “edit layer”, then move that object to the edit layer (“m”(ove) to layer), then activate that layer with numeric keys (not the numeric keypad).

Finally there is local/global view (numpad “/”) to toggle visibility of only the selected object … this is probably what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


“/” on the numpad will hide all but the selected object, and zoom into it for editing.

“H” and “alt H” are used to hide and show at the object level. Shift H" hides non selected items.

This also works in edit mode with verts/edges/faces.

Also don’t forget the layers system for objects.

Under the help menu there’s a hotkey list with a search function.

Edit: Just saw Mike’s post… that’s funny, we all have something in common.


there is another command that hides everything function of the Z values
but i don’t remember the command
cansomeone remind us what it is ?


You can also use alt+b to draw a box around what you want to look at. Alt+b again toggles it off. Not exactly what you are looking for, but can be useful in some situations. As Pappy mentioned h to hide and alt+h to reveal hidden works for both selected objects and selected vertices. To Hide everything except the selected object use shift+h.

All good suggestions. Thanks. I ended up moving my object to a different layer. But that local/global switch is, indeed, probably what I’m looking for. Seems very convenient. As for the eye icon in the outliner, I completely overlooked it. Man! There are so many new things to learn, it is a bit overwhelming.