How Do I Import 3ds Models

I’m very new to Blender, just downloaded it about 3 days ago. I’ve been using AC3D for awhile though, but I want to make the switch to Blender because it just seems so much better, in almost every way. Especially for making models for the game I’m making.

Well, anyway…I have a few models that are in .3ds format, that I want to import into Blender. I don’t know how to do it though. I go to File>Import but I don’t see 3D Studio or anything in the list there. Am I just missing something, or do I need a addon/script? I looked for one, but can’t find one. It was actually easier to find a .dts export script for Blender than a .3ds import script! I found that kinda funny. lol

Thanks in advance.

there is .3ds and .OBJ options in the File > Import list


It’s not showing up for me then. I have a screen shot of it…As you can see, it’s not there. I uninstalled and reinstalled Blender as well, and it’s still like this. But when I go on my Mac computer, it shows .3ds import under File>Import, it just isn’t showing up on my Windows PC.

this means your python folder is empty…
time to hunt those scripts and tell blender where to look for them in the preferences window…

try downloading the zipped version, see if it has the python folder set up properly

Ok, I downloaded the ZIP version of it, and now it works fine. Thank you very much.