How do I insert shape key keyframes? In 2.57

I am trying to animate a character using shape keys.
I have 4 different keys setup for this character.
When I press I and choose “LocRotScale” to insert a keyframe, nothing happens. The character remains in the same shape key as before, nothing animates.

I enabled the AnimAll addon and when I press the Insert key in the AnimAll panel, nothing happens either. A yellow keyframe does appear in the timeline but, once again, it doesn’t really change the animation. The character remains still!

How do I set a specific shape key for an animation keyframe?
I’ve been looking for hours! Please help.
Thank you.

[edit} Never mind figured it out. The tutorials on this were all for 2.4 which was making it hard to find out where the shape key editor graph was, but I found it. It’s in the DopeSheet panel, then click on the Dopesheet dropdown menu and choose ShapeKey Editor. Then just change the sliders from 0.000 - 1.000 for each frame.

In the shapekey panel while in edit mode just hover your mouse over the shape key influence slider and RMB / insert keyframe or just press I

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