How do I insert vertices into the middle of curves?

I learning how to work with curve creation in Blender and can’t figure out how to insert a vertex into the middle of a curve. Is this possible? It’s a major pain when you decide you need more detail in the middle of a complex curve.

If you can’t insert a vertex, are there any good workarounds?

Also, I would love to be able to cut a curve into multiple pieces, or attach separate curves together. Can this be done?

Thanks for the help!

select 2 points in the curve , press the WKEY —> Subdivide
F Key combines curves together -just select start and end data points
also, C key closes it (if you only have one curve length left)

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Thanks very much!

What about splitting the curve into 2 pieces?

These commands don’t seem to exist in the menus anywhere. Is there a spot in the interface where I can find them in case I forget the hotkeys?

If not, I’ll just get better at memorizing. :slight_smile:

A way of splitting off a segment:
(1) Select all control points on one side. Shift+D to duplicate and Esc to keep in place. P to separate.
(2) Reselect the selection above except the last control point. X>Selected to delete.
Now you should have two objects forming a single curve. To join the objects just Ctrl+J in object mode.

You’ll find some useful tools here: