How do I install OGRE????!!!!!!

Okay, I go to the Ogre website and select the SDK option and download the first option. When I unzip it though, I see nothing that appears to be an exe. What am I doing wrong?
I am running windows xp.

You don’t install Ogre. Look at Ogre’s documentation.

OGRE does not have compiled binaries available. You have to compile it yourself.

And even once you’ve done that, you’ll need programming skillz to make an engine to complement it. It’s not a complete game engine, it’s only a graphics engine.

I went through this battle last night. It’s not a simple process but it can be done. Just look on their site for instructions and make sure you read every letter or you’ll have problems. I was so relieved to get the thing to compile last night. I thought it would never work.

Thanks guys