How do I keep lights from going through walls in the game engine?


This is a VERY Annoying problem. I’m trying to build something with the game engine, but regardless of what type of light I use (Even buffer spotlight), the lights illuminate surfaces in other rooms. I try to use a spotlight, but even though it casts shadows it STILL illuminates things in other rooms.

How do I keep it from doing this?

play with the falloff, energy, and distance in the light buttons. You can set a short distance to prevent the bleeding between areas.


Would it be possible for you to post a simplified blend file that highlights your problems so that we can look at your settings and maybe try to stop it happening.

if you use a lamp, there is an option called “sphere” that simply sets the lamp to have no effect beyond a radius defined by the “dist” field.

“sets light intensity to zero for objects beyond the distance value”

hope that helps :wink:

For this purpose you need to take help from some tutorial regarding this thing.It will solve your problem.

Thanks Yoda, that seems to be working fine. No magic illumination with sphere on.