How do I keep the Style of a model and texture consistent?

Basically the title states it all, but if you don’t get it…
I’m curious about how I keep the style of texture and models consistent when making asset packs.
For instance I would want a House to be stylized the same way as for instance, a church, well, box/barrel, even books and crystals.
So how would I keep the style consistent? Model-wise and Texture-wise.

(Btw not sure if this is allowed, but I’m also posting in the texture section for more texture related answers)

color scemes
try to stick to the same color sceme, as in dont make a midieval well, and pink house.

poly density
try to stick to the same poly density. if you are adding every single plank and rock on a house, then dont use alpha map on trees for instance, keep it the same.

model style
the left one is actually simular to how world of warcraft does it. another good exsample is wells, and houses, they also have they style some times.

lets say you have a mech, with panels, semes, vents, gears, etc. very high detail, and you have a sci fi enviorment, then add the same amount of details there aswell.

and last, keep the astetic the same. for instance, minecraft uses blocks, there is low poly witch has its own style, anime is its own style, photorealism has its own style, keep it the same.

and most important, know what you want to make before you make it. look for REFERANCE IMAGES!