How do I know if I'm blocked by someone?

If I private message someone and they have blocked me, will a message come back telling me I’ve been blocked by that user? Is there another way to tell, I would like to know so that I could remedy the situation.

Thanks for any replies.

I don’t know. Do you want me to block you, then you can send me a message and see what happens? I’m interested too.

Thankfully I have preempted and blocked Geometrically and his potential counterattack for when I press the megatronic launch aimed at his PC and backup files. Now y’all wait for the fireworks and smoke to clear!

Who is blocking you Geometricity?Is it me?It was a accident if it was.

Orinoco - That sounds good to me. Tell me when you block me and I’ll message you as soon as I can afterwards. Just remember to unblock me in a day or two. :slight_smile:

K boot - I saw your preemptive blocking coming a mile away, that’s why over a year ago I secretly installed nano bots in your pillow. The bots should be working their way into your brain as I type this. Once they’ve taken full control you will be forced to unblock me.
Now… as far as what they’re going to do to you after that… I’ll keep that a surprise!:evilgrin:

3d solar system builder - No it wasn’t you, or anyone involved with wrecktified, but thanks for the concern. I’m not going to say who might have blocked me or not because there could be lots of other reasons why they don’t respond, for instance: they don’t have the time, they don’t check notifications, or maybe they’re a jerk. Idk.

But if I knew that they blocked me at least it could narrow it down a little.

Check your private mailbox. :slight_smile:

Ok got it, I just sent you a message so I guess you’ll read this in a day or two. Nothing came back when I sent the message to you, everything looked normal when I looked at it in the “sent items” section, so I guess there’s nothing to tell you if you’re blocked:(

It seems like it would be a good idea to give someone notice that they were blocked that way they could shape up if they were being a troll, but I’m kinda new to posting on forums so I guess there’s probably a reason for not doing it that way.

Edit:Oh and if anyone wants to PM Orinoco telling him that he doesn’t have to wait to unblock me because I already did the experiment then please do that.:slight_smile:

Please post the results of your experiment. I was under the impression that blocking only applied to forum posts and not to PMs. If it’s anything other than that, I’d like to know.

Well, that was interesting.


BlenderArtists really wants the blocker to know what is going on. I don’t recall the “Member’s post is blocked” being quite so loud and intrusive years ago. (I wonder if that annoying troll is still on my ignore list…) Anyway, this is what the thread looks like. I notice that the time and date stamp is still there, but the message number is redacted (lol, like you can’t tell :rolleyes: ) I pressed the “Read Post” button on one of the posts. Geometricity, were you notified that one of your messages was unblocked? I doubt it, since that would defeat the point of using blocking to avoid feeding trolls. But, who knows?

Because Fweeb had a question about PMs, this is my mailbox. No PMs, no notifications about blocked PMs. Nada.

Thanks for the heads-up, Orinoco

I’m pretty sure most forum software blocks PMs as well as posts. Recent versions of VBulletin allow one to read an individual post from a blocked user pretty easily, but that act doesn’t unblock the user.

Sorry for the late reply.

No I wasn’t notified of anything the entire time, in fact when you sent me the first PM telling me that you’d do the experiment and unblock me in a couple of days I wasn’t notified by email like usual. Don’t know if that’s just coincidence or not. Did you block me before you sent that first message?

About the finding out about the troll on your ignore list, couldn’t you search the persons user name (if you remember it). When I search a user name I can see all the post they made. Then you could look and see if their posts are blocked or not.

Again thanks for taking the time to do this Orinoco.

I sent the message, then waited for a bit, then blocked you.

About my favorite troll, there is a list in my profile, and he’s still on it, but he hasn’t posted in the past five years. (I can still do searches for people on my ignore list.) Of course, he was such a putz, I’m not going to take the chance that he’ll finish school or something and decide to return to BlenderArtists, trollery intact. He stays blocked.

Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed talking about this whole hating the troll thing. The reason why I’m worried that I might have been blocked is because when I first came to BA I posted some bizarre comments that might have been offensive to some people. It’s not that I meant to be offensive, it’s just that I’d never really posted on a forum full of strangers before, and what I thought was humorous at the time makes me look unprofessional, Juvenile, and possible mentally deranged now. I guess my humor doesn’t translate well to writing.

In my “city blocks” thread, that you can find in my signature I might have insinuated that I wanted to have someone executed (in a lawful way), but this was totally a joke and not serious at all to me. And I only made the comment to get “bumped up” on that forum. I hadn’t heard of the term “bumped up” before that, so I thought you had to actually say something that made sense with what was already in the thread, so I jokingly typed some pretty stupid stuff.

Hopefully admitting that I’ve done this won’t get me blocked by people or even worse banned from the site, but I would like some advice… Should I take down the entire tread I made (if that’s possible) and start over? Should I apologize to the person I made the comment to? I know it’s been a long time since I posted it and the person probably doesn’t care anymore, but I just recently looked at what I posted and it’s got me feeling foolish.:frowning:

Anyway, please don’t ban me:D

Send the person you think you offended a PM, and apologize profusely. Of course, if he’s blocked you, he’ll never see it, but what can you do? At least you’ll have something in your sent mail box to show the administrators if they come looking for you later…
If you think the post is really offensive, or you just don’t like that mentally deranged image, edit the post. Put something like “cleaning up my act” as the reason for the edit.