How do I make a Brick Arch? [SOLVED]

I want to create a brick arch in Blender like you do in Vectorworks.

How can I achieve this in Blender? I really badly need to make arches with my brick textures.

I figured out a solution for this, but I found out I had another problem:

I created a plane, subdivided it a lot, gave it a brick texture, scaled it down, insert a curve, gave the plane a curve modifier and then selected the curve. Now the bricks follow the texture.

But it doesn’t look right.

Most brick arches are only a single brick layered side by side, although I have seen cases where they are staggered like you have them. If there is no keystone, the mortar tends to be thicker in a wedge shape. So really, I think what doesn’t look right is the mortar, and lack of it around the arch. Using a tiled texture on a plane is always going to produce that. I personally would make the texture in PS or Gimp or something to fit a curved shape.

But how do you do that in GIMP?

I’ve struggled to find something. I can’t even find a tutorial on how to do it in Photoshop.

Copy one row of bricks in gimp, on a new empty layer paste and rotate 90 deg. select empty space using wand, invert selection and copy again. Paste, move to side and vertically to put another brick image in line (to get randomness) . Rinse, repeat. Cut out image and import in blender as a plane. Subdivide, use simple deform - bend around added Empty.

you could also try with dupliframe with real bricks

happy bl

Thanks, Eppo.