how do I make a property of one object influence another property of another object?

i have a custom transformations orientation. now i want ‘the X-axis position of object1 in that transformation-orientation’ to influence ‘the rotation around the local Y-axis of object2’.

I’m certain it’s possible, but i can’t figure out how. I’m already proud that I found out it’s possible to make a custom transformation.

can anyone help me?

thanks in advance:D

Use drivers.

To set it up you must go to the IPO window of that object and if that
property is on the list (Rotate X, Y, Z, etc…) select it and then make
some key dot things in the IPO graph. (hold Ctrl while clicking to
make new ones.

Press the N key to bring up the driver panel (in the IPO window)
That is the place you enter the information of the object you want
to use as a driver (a controller). So type in the name and how you
would like it to drive this current IPO curve. So, for example
you could enter “Cube1” in the name slot. You’ll know if you spelled
it right if it does not disapplear after pressing Enter. Then choose
from the drop down menu, male LocX, RotZ. Then when you
move the controler object in the manner you chose, it should
make affect affect the IPO curve.

I know I’m jumbling all this up in a confusing way so here’s the
official page.

That example focuses on driving a shape key, but you can really
drive anything if it has an IPO curve.

You could use a driver, but you have to set up a motion curve, etc., as described by Ghost_Train.

If you just want to, say, map the X location of one object into a Z rotation of another object, you would use the Transformation constraint. It lets you pick one set of transforms on a target object and map them to another set of transforms on the constrained object. It’ll do what you need.

thanks for all your help!:smiley:

it got me a lot further, but i still don’t manage to get the effect i want, so i’ll formulate it differently. I’ll also post a visual and a simplyfied .blend file later today.

what i want is:

to measure the location/rotation/scale of object 1 relative to the location/rotation/scale of object 2, and i want the value i get back to influence the location/rotation/scale of object 2.

the local axises of object object 2 must be used to measure the difference in location, NOT the global axises.

a visual: (the paper wasn’t dirty -> i altered it with my computer to make it more readable, because it was very light:))


and a simplified .blend file:

i want the block to tilt with the curve, but i want it be done automatically, so NOT with the tilt option of the curve. the tilt option didn’t give enough control anyway.


simplified.blend (122 KB)