How do I make a realistic Wood beam texture/material?

I am trying to create an old house.

I have been using 100 % my own textures/photos. (EDIT: Except HDR)
I shot them in raw format (CR2) and they look very high res.

I then made them into textures, but when I make a material out of them, they don’t seem so realistic, not as real as they were on the original photo.

Why is that?

And how do I make my wooden beams more realistic?

I followed the Advanced Training tutorials on making textures and materials in The Architecture Academy, but it didn’t help me out in this situation.

looks like it has strong bumps or normal map applied
so find a good high res wood texture and add some bumps to it
adjust color to your liking

should work in cycles fine

show us your nodes set up

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Sorry, forgot the node setup, and, of course, the texture image:



is first post pic the real model or rendered ?

why do u use 2 color diffuse images ?
and why use bump and normal maps ?

also show us render at 2 angle if possible to see normal mam effect

did u use a real bluish normal map ?

glossy node is very high here!

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I am unsure of what I are refering to.
If you refer to my OP, the pic is the rendered, “final” render.

If you refer to the second post:
The first picture (TIF) is my texture.

In order to have more buttons to tweak the bump with.

can you make a close shot render for the wood beam themselves
may be add a sun light at angle to better see the bump / normal map

just to see the effects

would like to see one render with bump map alone
and see another one for the normal map

might show some interferences or bad effects !

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I took a close-up render of my wooden beams, and I noticed what MAY be the reason my textures seem fake:

The wood that I shot a photo of, had no grains in it. This may very well be the reason my bump map looks wierd.

I will return when I have tested it with another wood texture, where the grains and scratches are clearly visible.

can you show a part of the pic here in post
so we can better understand the pics
might help to help you

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This is my reference photo (scaled down):

for the bump / normal map did u take a closer shot to get higher res pics and nice bumps ?

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No, not for these particular black/dark wood beams.

then what pixels dim do u have for the pic in UV editor ?

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See post #3 for the texture. It has the correct dimensions.

These were cut out from the original reference photos, like the above.

so this should be good res for the wood
did u try to check difference between using only bump or normal
show us some results

can u upload the file without the image so we can experiment with it
at least one beam not all the house with nodes set up !

happy bl

link deleted

I packed it with the texture I used, and I deleted everything, but the wood beam.

man that is a big file 35 MB!

will have to experiment with set up might do more this weekend

but have some problems I think with
the spec map
the bright / contr node +hue sat node

be back later on sorry for delay

did set up for no spec and bump and nor map
and still not rendering well at all

happy bl

I did pack the Spec and Normal map too, which problems do you have?

another thing on your color map
it has vertical lines in it
you patch together several bands to make this image
you could make it tillable in gimp would look better

also may be make image brighter in gimp
if not need to use bright node in set up

I have to find another set up for using spec map
got it somewhere on HD !

happy bl

here some different renders

your UV map is not done properly
see pic

redo it to cover whole faces

you can see vertical lines in pic
and it will show in close up shot in render !

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