How do I make a simple animation of a screw unscrewing

How do I make a simple animation of a screw screwing and unscrewing into a screw hole, and actually turn while it’s going in/coming out?

Also, how do I make the panel that the screws hold on have an animated removal?

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just keyframe your object with location and rotation (you dont need rigging for this, just animate the object directly)
so set the timeline to the active frame 1 and move you object (screw) as you desire, and press I to insert keyframe with location and rotation, and then move the active frame to the the 24 frame for example (with 24 frames you will have 1 second of animation, depending in your video settings, if you want 30 fps, then move to the 30 instead) and then rotate your screw using R+Z+360*3 (or more depending in how many rotations you want it to have in a second) the * means multiplication in blender, then move it to the z axis a bit to pull it out, and then insert another keyframe likewise as before, and play the timeline to see the result…

Is there a video tutorial demonstrating this?

Here is an example for you to dissect: animated bolt.blend (865.4 KB)


shows it in 60 seconds

What if I want the screw to screw into a metal plate without any nut?

What do you mean the panel has animated removal? Like it rotates or moves away?

Here is a simplified example of what I’m trying to do.

A case with plate cover held on by four screws.

Each screw has it’s own individual screw/unscrew animation and after all four screws are out, then the metal plate can be removed via another animation.

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If you animate a lot of rotations, then you have to make sure to change the rotation in the N-panel (like to 720 degrees) and not just R > 720, because Blender will wrap it to 0.

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bolt unscrew.blend (1.1 MB)

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Is there a video showing a step-by-step walkthrough on how to animate this?

Keyframe Rotation on YouTube
Keyframes (2.80)

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