how do i make a spiral path?

I checked my script and I got a double spiral
it is good for you
but still have to make ends rounded

tell what size and segments you want I can upload one

happy bl


as it is a path it does not need rounded ends?
Eppo - that looks perfect, I will need to take a few screen prints to remember it!

not it is a Bmesh object
but might be possible to port as a flat curve

just checked and it can be made as a 2D curve
but not necessarily a path curve
but it is equivalent

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so you want me to make one or want to use the script?

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Did someone just make a “handlebar mustache” script?

hold off for the moment. thanks

PM when your ready i might not see it

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I have never heard of add ons etc.
I got as far as this, but it does not appear in the add - curves list.


go to addons then select the curve then select the extra thing script for curves

and it will added to the curve menu

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As you can see it did not work!
I clicked add from file but it is not there in curves!

bottom menu select add curve then at bottom of menu you will see spirals

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the add curves list is the same as before!

does the blender file have to be in any particular folder?


Well, should be easier than you show…

AHA! maybe I should NOT click install from file

got the spiral thingy now. so now I can try and follow epos tute.
stay tuned!

got the spirals. now how do I get the object to follow their paths!
thanks all - nearly there - if only my old memory would work!


2 SPIRAL PATHS.blend (521 KB)

talk about a wild ride!!
how do I get the this film thing to play nice?
what buttons do I click to just get it to flow along the path?
sooooo close to getting this…
thanks all


2 SPIRAL PATHS FILM.blend (639 KB)

like this one does.
thanks all


filmMOVE.blend (681 KB)

For this you did not need to create mesh film roll at all, just a curve path. Steps to create are similar, add spiral, duplicate in edit mode, mirror (scale Y by -1 e.g.) switch normal direction on mirrored part, F to connect points.
Substitute your wavy curve by roll shaped one. Make sure Origins stay the same - move roll curve where wave was.