How do I make a texture that follows a brush stroke?

I want to make a UV map of fur instead of the fur itself. But I can’t find a way to make the fur texture have a specific direction like you would with a fur particle.

I know I could just paint the fur one strand at a time but is there a procedural way to make a texture follow the brush direction?

This could be so handy for organic textures, it could be used for scales to point in a desired direction, for knitted materials, for metal scoring, etc.

What do the pros use? Is there an addon to make textures in Blender follow a brush stroke direction?


An answer to the question in its most basic form would be to use a texture of fur being combed in a direction aligned with the image axes, lets say from left to right. Then you just align the UVs such that the UV x-axis points along the comb direction on the animal mesh.

But to get the result all neat and nicely and as automatic as possible (no UV stretching, auto-aligning the UV along actual brush strokes), for that I would like to know a solution also.

Use Tiled Texture and use the angle from 1-360 degrees…It would be better if you could see the texture in the brush…but a guess would be close enough! I used a scale alpha map that was just a bit off from 90 in the vertical.

When you comb fur I wonder if there’s information there that can be extracted to a UV direction indicator map?

Also, I found this method:
It took me a while to understand what this technique is. Basically, it’s to make fur then create a flattened duplicate of your model render and save the image.
That’s one way to do it!

That should be doable from scripting. But I think the real problem is how to create an UV map from the direction information. There would be serious math involved. I once searched what kind of algorithms are known to solve that problem, but couldn*t find something useful. Maybe I should search more thoroughly. Would be cool to have an addon for that.

It comes down to…
Is there such an addon in Blender that changes angle of the pattern by the direction of the brush stroke when painting directly onto a model?

This is from the substance painter manual:

There is a way but i cant recall how its done, its a paint setting.

The solution is to check the Rake checkbox that is what make the pattern follow the brush direction. Both for UV painting and sculpting.

I couldn`t find the rake checkbox. Where would it be? Thanx…

Blender 2.79