How do I make a uv map out of multiple textures.

Alright, so I’m trying to figure out how to take multiple textures and put them all into one map. For example

This mug I made here. It is made up of multiple materials and textures. The end grain on top is it’s own texture, so is the metal wrapping around the mug and making the handle. I want to put all of this all on to one sheet. I have absolutely no clue how to do this.

I use cycles render, and I’m just confused on what exactly I should do. I just want it to be placed into one cohesive .png file to wrap around the entire object. This is a skill I need to learn so I can import it into games and other things. any help at all would be extremely appreciated. I’m fairly new to all of this but loving doing it. It just seems I’ve hit a wall.

Baking or might do ya.

UV maps are a 2D representation of 3D coordinates of the mesh. Textures (image/procedural) make use of texture coordinates. You don’t make UV maps out of textures. Texture maps control specific material properties, and baking is used to produce those. Baking will need a non-overlapping UV map, as the render engine will put the result on an image based on those coordinates.

How that is done depends on what the material setups are, what the UV setups are, which texture maps the targeted material system requires, and how you want to organize them on an image.

Baking… Im pretty sure what im trying to do is bake the object. I have baked the diffuse. Which still comes out slightly wrong. And I have tried baking the normals. But sadly the hammared texture on the metal does not show.

Make sure all the uvs of the active uv map are in 0-1 range (within the image bounds) and layed out properly. Why don’t you just post your blend file, I don’t want to keep guessing.

flaggard for game.blend (335 KB) flaggard.blend (224 KB) Okay so the one that does not say for game is the one that I didn’t try doing all of this stuff with. The objects are separated. Unlike the one that does say for game. I hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. You need 2 uv maps. One for texturing the object and another to bake to. The first one can be layed out any way you want but the second one has to be within the image bounds since you can’t bake pixels to outside the image. (If you only use procedural non-image textures, you don’t need the first uv map.)

  2. Image textures need to be packed inside the blend file before uploading, without doing that they just point to a directory on your hard drive. They did not came through.

  3. Your vertex count is too high for a game model(, unless this is a very important prop that will occupy the whole screen most of the time.) This is the first thing you should fix.

Okay So I have tried my best to follow the advice you have given. I also want to thank you very much for all of your help and anyfurther help you might provide. So far this is what I have done.

I made 2 seperate uv maps and have textured it with one of them. The second one I know is for baking. I have taken the verts from 158,466 to 1,801. I have also made sure that the textures are loaded onto the the file.

flaggard for game.blend (3.55 MB)

Please I would love to hear any more advice that you might have. I have not tried baking yet and will be away from my computer for a bit but really do appreciate the advice and help!

The model you posted has three uv maps yet non of them are in 0-1 uv space.

Well dang… how do I fix that?

For best results, manually.
For fast results, CTRL+P. (You can always change operator properties with F6.)

And leave enough space between uv islands.

So I have been doing it manually but my issue is all of the faces for the metal rings are stacked atop each other. Is there any shortcut besides ctrl+P I could use?

The metal parts are not properly unwrapped, you could get away with it until this point because you only use procedural 3d textures on it. But now, it’s time to unwrap them correctly on the bake uv map. Just use a UV Grid texture to visualize it. (Image editor > Image > New Image (type=UVGrid))

CTRL+P only packs uvs to 0-1 space but does not unwrap them, you have to unwrap yourself.

Okay so this Is what i’ve done. I used smart uv unwrap. what should I do now?

Also if you have discord or something we could use to help speed up this process I would be more than willing to make a channel for us to actually have a much faster back and fourth.

  1. Now the metal parts occupy the whole uv space but the whole model should fit in there. Again, the bake uv map must have all the uvs in 0-1 space.

  2. When making game models smart uv unwrap is not a good solution for the final bake uv map. Currently, like 70% of the pixels are wasted. You have to learn how to manually unwrap a model with seams so you can create uv maps that are not so wasteful.

Okay but my issue is when I try to regularly unwrap it it looks like this

I could manually unwrap the rest easy but this doesn’t make any sense. I feel like my head is going to explode here. Also the offer for discord still stands. It’s on a uv map but it’s just a bunch of jumbled up shapes that I can’t sort.

You have to mark seams before unwrapping. That method is the king of unwrapping, just google tutorials about it.

Gone to sleep.

Sometimes it helps to put in a texture slot and setup the checkerboard test texture. Then when manipulating the map in one window pane, you can view the model (modeling view) with textures turned on and see exactly what the textures are doing in terms of stretch or alignment. This is also where shadeless view comes in handy. I’d suggest looking up “uv mapping cylinder blender” and “uv mapping torus blender” on the net, and you’ll get some tutorials that’ll give you some better ideas of where to put the seams for similar geometry. (Yeah a mug is a bit more complex than such primitives, but in the topology-sense it’s not that different.)

It’s helpful but at this point im ready to throw in the towel. It’s far to difficult and the stress this is causing me is insane. Ive tried baking this thing like 5 times and still no luck. I just can’t get it to work properly.