How do I make a VFX-breakdown transition?

I have made some VFX with castles, like the ones you see in Game of Thrones VFX-breakdowns.

But I want to show the breakdown too, and I can’t figure out how to make the transition from original footage to VFX-footage, like the transition that happens 00:10 in

Its the transition with the vertical line that I want to make. How do I achieve this?

Wipe transition ?

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The “completed scene” is normally a rather massive composite of material, so a “breakdown” will consist of a different composite that omits one or many of those layers, and/or inserts working-footage such as wire meshes. Then, the breakdown film itself simply contains various transitions … wipes, fades … between the “finished” shot and a particular “breakdown.” Text captions and so on are then superimposed last. It’s just a basic video editing job, which Blender can do as well as any. Transitions might be applied in sequence such that a particular element of the scene isn’t wiped. (The VFX-reel is a composite job, itself.) Whatever shows the story-point best.

The key realization is that every CG shot is “a rather massive composite.” It’s never rendered “all at once” exactly the way you finally see it. So, the breakdown show-reel is mostly composed of existing material. (The reel also illustrates how different parts of a scene … different groups of buildings, and so on … were rendered separately.)

VFX reels are often color-graded (the final color-tweaking steps) so that the before and after shots look consistent even though the original renders might not have considered it. So, they are “a show of their own,” designed to show how the magic is done.

Thanks, that was what I was looking for :slight_smile: