how do i make charectors animations look natural?

im trying to figure out what i need to do/what tools i should use to make my character’s in game animations look good.
im familiar with basic key frame animation. very very basic stuff. but no matter how hard i try the animations i make looks unprofessional and unnatural.
another problem i am always having is making it so my character doesn’t look like hes skiing when he walks or that he is gliding. i generally just make the walk cycle animation and than when i want it to move give it a movement actuator and set a location keyframe for the armature to record zaxis movement. but i still never seem to be able to make it look like the character’s feet arent sliding around.
ive been reasearchin and hearing stuff about ik control, constraints, other stuff.
where do i begin and what tools do i need to look into to improve my animations?

Mod: You better ask this here at the animations forum.

Help: The speed of the motion nd the speed of the animation must match to build a combined animation.

is that all there is to it? and is there any way of figuring out what the right speed is other than just fiddling with it?

im also trying to figure out what i can do to just make my animations look…better. like the where you can feel the charectors weight.
does anyone know of any good tutorials or something that can help me with this. ive been looking and havent found much

character animation is a highly complex topic. if you want to dive into, i’d recommend reading “the animators survival kit” by richard williams. it covers every important aspect of animation in general and especially focuses on character animation.
and it is really fun to read

nice, ill probably buy that once i get the money. im broke at the moment though.

Many animators use filming themselves running, jumping, etc, and then timing the models to match the movie.