How do I make Follow Path repeat

First time poster. I’ve tried searching the forums but either I’m using the wrong search terms or my problem hasn’t occurred. Probably the former. I’ve been using Blender for about a year and recently upgraded to Blender 2.63

At any rate, what I want to do is to have an object repeatedly follow a Bezier curve path. I.e. start at frame 1, traverse the path until frame 100, go back to the beginning of the path at frame 101, etc etc. until the end of the clip at frame 1000.

If the path were a Bezier circle it would be easy, but that’s not what I want.

A simple link to where the problem is solved in 2.63 would suffice. Thanks.

Set one follow path animation and in the graph editor give the Offset Factor channel a Cycles modifier. Set the ‘After’ value to zero for a continuous cycle or set a specific number of cycles.
See attached blend file (note made in blender 2.65 but should be same process in 2.63)


followpath.blend (178 KB)

OK, I think I see how you did that. Thanks. Does it make a difference that you used a Nurbs curve and I’m using a Bezier?

As a side comment, is it worth upgrading to 2.65 from 2.63?