How do I make fudge?

Hello, Blender community!

A little context to my question (brief, I promise) - I’m a graphic designer who wanted to make good mockups for my packaging / stationery branding designs. Simple enough, right? Trouble is… I started to love this. I couldn’t set with these things. That brings me to where I’m at now: struggling to find a path to the mountain of technical knowledge ahead of me.

I’ve been hitting in the dark for a week now and I decided to ask for some help from you lovely people.

What I want to make is a procedural texture resembling fudge for an imaginary candy-like product. (image 1)

and use it for the shapes in image 2

The cracks I sort of can make with some sweat and tears (there’s some tuts on youtube), but it’ll only look like a cracked undefined hard material with a bad looking texture. But I want to make it procedural, so that I can shift it around on every piece. It has to look like a whole piece that’s been cut in these forms before being packaged.

Thank you for the attention, guys.

If the overall texture properties (roughness, sss, color) are fitting it should look fine. I would model/sculpt all the small/big junks/flakes/dents and only use a texture for very fine cracks and some rougher parts. The main challenge for this look is the model itself. It seems pretty hard to achieve this look with a material. A big part of it has to be sculpted, especially for close up shots.

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I used this vanilla fudge reference image refrence pic
this is my attempt

sculpting / crumbs I was too lazy to try. heres the blend file of the vanilla fudge shader :fork_and_knife: vanilla fudge attempt .blend (878.0 KB)

edit: I just tried a smoother verison I think it looks better :grin: smoother vanilla fudge 2
and the blend smoother vanilla fudge attempt .blend (880.7 KB)


Yeah that’s the challenge. But I don’t need exact fudge replica. What Bebop did below is practically the solution. Thank you for your input, I was wondering about those questions too!

Man you’re a blender wizard. I had to contain my mind from blowing off to go back here and thank you, haha. It’s gonna take me a while to understand why you used the nodes the way you did. That’s some epic material making!

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glad I could help. I was also interested in how many types of colours of fudge there is lol :plate_with_cutlery: I had tried making a toffee shader a while ago so I just adapted that :+1: