how do I make grooves in something

I’m working on making a phoenix, and I just finished the feet, and they came out wonderful, but they look weird because they are missing the creases and grooves, you know how bird feet have. and I don’t know how to make them.

There’s really no easy answer to this other than you have to model them in, the same way you modeled the feet. Technically you can use the sculpting tools to tackle this depending on what you have and what you want. The best thing to do is go onto some forums,such as cgsociety and such (and here of course) and see some people’s topology when it comes to what you’re looking to do. Dinosaurs and dragons (since birds are not as popular) will give you a good idea of bird legs/feet since theropod dinosaurs are assumed to have legs similar to birds, and dragons are usually based on dinosaurs :slight_smile:

You could also put the grooves in a texture map. Are you going to UV unwrap the model?

Thank you a lot spec24, I’ll go do that.
and @ anacraiga I’m a complete and utter newb to blender, so I have no idea what a texture map, and what UV unwrapping the model is.
this is my first project

UV unwrapping is sort of like tailoring in reverse. you make seams on your edges ( edge menu ) in a way that it will ‘unwrap’ somewhat flat. then you select all in edit mode, and press U for unwrap. It helps to have a UV window open at this time. you will see your mesh appear in the UV window in unwrapped form. from there, you can add a new image file from the UV window, toggle into texture paint mode in the 3D window, and paint on your model. texture maps are usually grayscale images that you have painted onto your model, or applied as procedural textures. they are then applied as texture channels, and set to affect various things like bumpiness, shininess, etc. for making grooves, set it to affect the ‘nor’ ( rendered normal ) value instead of the color, ( diffuse ) which is the default option. white will read as raised, and black will read as a depression.
(edit) here’s a pic. the suzanne on the left has an identical marble texture to the one on the right, but the left one is set to only ‘nor’ ( normal ) and the right one is set to only ‘col’ ( color ).

Thank you :slight_smile:

Texture mapping reduces the need for going over the top with geometry, and can be more flexible plus easy to change.