How DO I make POVAnim work in blender

Im sorry if this is a repeat message, but i cant see ANYWHERE that details on what i need to do to make pov-anim work in blender.

they often just say something like, “you will need python” or "you click the “install plugin” button.

i have installed python and still nothing, and this install plugin button remains nowhere to be found

after RTFM’ing, i decided to STFW, after STFW’ing and R’ing TFW, i found nothing. Nothing at all.

Would somebody please be kind enough to post a complete instruction guide on how I can go from a clean install of the lastest version of blender, to having the ability to export to povray.

and please dont just point me to miscelaneous urls, or suggest that i use yafray.

(update - striped out poll to see if its deterring people)

You are right : THERE IS 20 PAGES OF MANUAL so just read the docs !

Is there anything in English? Learning Blender is daunting enough without having to learn French to learn Blender properly. :stuck_out_tongue:

no problemo : same url, but you have to remove all the dead flies on the right side of your screen (or on the right part of your glasses), then you will certainly see a version ‘approximatively in English’.


You are right : THERE IS 20 PAGES OF MANUAL so just read the docs ![/quote]

much thanks, i didnt realise there was more documentation on the pov-anim plugin. due it the link descriptors being in french, or hidden in an illogical place.

now i feel stupid…:smiley:

hmm, and it seems to work so far…

However, thanks for your interest in povanim and povray. If parts of the docs are not clear, i will give you more details . I am currently working on a new presentation of this tutorial…