How do I manipulate these specific vertices

I’m taking the Master Car Creation in Blender tutorial on Gum Road and I’m doing very well but I got to a point to where on the front bumper of this car I’m modeling there are some vertices that don’t match what the tutor has…and I don’t know how to adjust them in order to be that way that he has them🙂 This is how his look below…the vertices I’m referring to is the edge loop directly to the right of the edge loop that he has selected in this picture below

Here is a picture of what mine looks like below…in this picture of my vertices the edge loop I’m referring to is the one that’s selected.

how do I adjust my edge loop to look like his. I attached the blend file below.
Thanks in advance for any help!:grinning:

You’ve enabled the On Cage option of the Subdivision Surface modifier, it display the edge as if the modifier was applied: