how do I model a brush tip.

I’m trying to model a paint brush tip, but all my google searches assumed brush meant I wanted to paint UV’s or I was trying to make a hair brush. This would be a brush like on the end of a bottle of nail polish.
How do I go about this?
I’m still learning this app so if you can answer without assuming I know what I’m doing it would be appreciated.

Blender 2.65

Well that depends on how detailed you want it to look. If not much, then you can just use a cylinder scaled in one axis (to flatten it a bit) and texture it properly. But if you want a detailed version… Brush tips are usually hair (paintbrushes, makeup brushes) or sometimes (in case, e.g., of nail polish) plastic/rubber strands. So your best bet here would be using particle hair. If this is what you want, then you can start here. There’s also plenty of tutorials on Blender’s particle hair on youtube.

Ultimately I plan to export this out as an obj so I’m suspecting any effect is going to get lost during the conversion, so any texturing I do needs to translate out to the obj as well. I plan to learn UV Mapping in Blender but for now I’m using UVMapper Classic and Photoshop and while I did not figure out the steps in your link (I tired) at least now I know where to narrow my search. Thanks!