How do i model a knight (chess fugure), sugestions anyone?

I managed to build a pawn and a rook, (and i dont see a problem with the
rest of the figures) but ow do i model a knight?

I’d say it really depends on what the knight is going to look like.
Why don’t you post a reference pic of what you’re looking for and say where you’re getting stuck.


also, you might want to have a look at the project that variathus is doing in the Works In Progress section at the moment

It should look something like this:

I can easily make th base using “spin”…
But the horse it self, i have no idea how to start…

I’d use Subsurf modeling:

If you are going to model using Subsurf, you should make the base that way too.

do you have a model pic of what you have done so far? maybe we can help you that way also :smiley:

couple ways you could approach this, assuming you were using sub’ed meshes:

  1. you could start by using vertices to form the profile outline of the knight, and extrude them outwards several times, then move the extruded vertices to their correct locations

  2. start with a cube extruded a couple times to form a really rough model, then use loop subdivision (k or ctrl-r) to refine the shape.

I’ve been modelling organics with method 1) for a long time, but just recently discovered 2) to be much more efficient for my purposes.

Thank you all guys :slight_smile:
I will try Talion’s advice number 2

the night in the picture consists of two parts:
1 - the horse-head
2 - the socket

1 - i’d start with an outline of the head, connect the vertices to quadpolys, add cross sections and pull/subdivide until you get a decent horse-head.

2 - shouldn’t be a big deal - revolved surface (Spin function inblender - the good old vase trick)

Keep trying! The more you blend…

To talion:

I tried your advice number 2, but could not do it. ( by the way, cntrl-r is a very cool thing :slight_smile: )

And I tried your advice number 1, well… it is still very difficult
but at least I can make something :slight_smile:

Try following the tutorial at the elysiun link I posted. It’s an excellent tutorial about modeling a lizard, and learns the basics of subsurf modeling. (When using Talion’s suggestion, you’ll eventually have to subsurf it.)

To Egg:
Can you give the link to the tutorial? thanks :slight_smile:

I already posted it in my previous post in this same thread :wink:

Oops :slight_smile:
You are right, I am sorry :slight_smile: