How Do I model Any Vehicle?

I dont know where to start on modeling vehicles( Cars, trucks, motorcycles, tanks, etc. )
Please can anyone tell me a trick :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance!

Make a sketch of say a Car… .and then start modelling out of it, while remembering what was the first thing you drew on the sketch.

There are a million different ways to model a car. The best way in my opinion is to have some decent reference, or atleast a good idea of what you want. Then you can model it out, piece by piece. Cars, despite being mechanical, are very organic, so my modeling work flow doesn’t differ much between car and organic models. I’d probably use a plane and extrude it out as opposed to box modeling, but there’s a place and a way to do anything. The best way to learn is to do. You should just try your best at something, and then post a WIP =) People will tell you where to go from there.

i followed your way bruceape and here is what I came up with :slight_smile:

I know that it is not even good but I am kinda of proud :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for your help but I may need a lot more help.


I think that’s a great first try mate. =)
If you wanted, you could try putting a few more loops in the middle (ctrl-r), and use a subsurf modifier. It would make your car a lot smoother looking.
Keep at it, you can only get better.
If you want more detail critiques, I would turn on wireframe mode, and just take a image of the viewport instead of a full render. To do that is the little render looking icon in the header.

Thanks very much :slight_smile:
is ctrl - r that important in modeling?

I’d say that Extruding, adding loops with Ctrl+R, and rotating edges are some of my most used commands. So for me they are very helpful.