How Do I Move My Mesh Without Deforming It?

I tried moving both of my characters arms and the animation of the arms are looking deformed. Does anyone know how to prevent this please?


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You probably need to reorder your modifiers so the Armature modifier is before the Subdivision Surface modifier.
You might want to check out if your vertex weights are well distributed.

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Like this?

Exactly. Now you need to weight paint your vertices in a way that works for your character. Here’s a tutorial about it, just in case:

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Ok Thanks that tutorial helps. Do you know any tricks on how to get this last wrinkle out? Ive tried changing up the weight in the elbow area but its not completely natural looking.

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HI, you need to give both bones 50% of the elbow joint weight.

Ok that helped even more. But I still have a bit of deformed mesh left. Is there anyway to get that last part fixed?


You could try the smooth brush or just continue to add and deduct until you get the right deformations. if you post a link to your file i will have a look.

Scene4.blend (3.1 MB)

will look and let you know soon.

When you say 50% do you mean the color should be green? If so do I set the weight to 50% and use the add brush to get to green?

Yes, for some reason i had to go to animation layout to see the green and yellow. Now the character on frame zero should be in T pose or A pose otherwise it is hard to paint the weights without going over to other parts. also in animating the arms you be better rigging it with IK constraints. When you rotate the bone on it’s axis the skin will never deform properly it will just twist with the bone.

uggh not its not letting me reset to t pose. I click alt r, alt g, alt s and it wont reset. :frowning:

It’s probably because you already have key frames on that spot?
this should have been done before animating and armature parenting to mesh.

Do you know of a good tutorial for learning the IK constraints please?

Here is one of many:

So you want me to copy rotation to the bones like this?

All i am suggesting is; if you animate the movement of the arms the IK will make it easier, so when you move the ik goal the arm will follow the wrist movements and maintain the right rotations.

Do I have to use Poles in order to make this work? I dont want to create extra bones.