How do I move my mirrored object?

As you can see in this picture, I have a leg selected. I have applied the mirror modifier, so I can have 2 legs. Whenever I want to move the object, it moves them both. How do I select on the mirrored object and move it away from the original where I want it?

have it mirrored around the centre of another object, like the body, and you won’t have to move it at all.

If the mirror has been applied you have two options:
Go into edit mode, and just move the stuff you want to move.

Or, go into edit mode, select the mirrored geometry (just the stuff you want to move), press P, seperate by selection.
This will move it into a new object.
From there you can move it where you want :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sorry, but I’m still confused. What do you mean ‘mirrored around the center of another object’? Can you please clarify XP

So I did what you told me but now the part selected is all red and I can’t move it at all. I tried using the move button to move it away from the original but that didn’t work.
After seperating it, what button do you use to move it around? cause nothing seems to be working

Hello Cherelle!

The move key is simply “G” (you can remember it like G is for grab), and then from there you should be able to move your mouse around freely and the object(s) will follow.

If you want to lock which direction you move it in, you can press either “X”, “Y”, or “Z” after you have pressed the “G” key. Hope that helps!

Hi! I actually did try “G” to move the mirrored object away from the original but nothing is working. I’m not sure how to fix this…

In the Mirror modifier there’s a bit for Mirror Object. Simply choose the appropriate object. In my example for the “leg” I chose the main default cube as the mirror object

I’m sorry, I thought you mentioned you applied the mirror modifier! So if you have not, then what JohnMalcom1970 shows would be the best option for you!

Otherwise you can also use the “origin” point to mirror the object across that (the little orange dots in the middle of your objects) you can place your 3D cursor elsewhere in the scene, and then assign th origin point(s) to that 3D cursor location. However this is more limited in terms of movement and such! I would use JohnLamcom1970’s method as it’s also more non-destructive