How do I move particles ?

I want to move the particles without moving the face where they are attached too because the problem is this:

So basicly I want to move those “rocks” down to touch the plane (floor) and I can’t figure out how to do it. When I move them directly the plane where they are emitting from moves as well… help please.

Reposition the origin of the object to the base of the rock object. If you see at the moment it is way below the rock itself.
Position the 3d cursor (Shift+S) to the position on the object where you want the origin then in the toolshelf use the Origin option to position the origin at the location of the 3d cursor

Oh cool, thanks alot!

I have another problem now… it’s the rotation, when I apply the particles as objects, they always come out with a rotation for some reason. Is there a way to rotate particles or some other way to fix this?

can someone answer please?

What do you mean by ‘a rotation’ ?? Does this mean all different rotations, the wrong rotation, all with the same rotation ?
What rotation settings were you using in the particle settings ?
No screenshot, no blend file.